Sound Bath / Sound Healing Therapy 

Just to note that no two sound baths are alike, even the same sound therapist will play a different sound healing session on each session,  so if you  have ever been to one & it did not resonate with you at that time please do not let it put you off, try another & see., enjoy relax, renew & rejuvenate your mind, body & soul. x

Please Note :
What you need to bring with you :
Depending on where we hold the sound bath, if it is in a spacious hall, you can bring something like a gym mat with you or something comfy to lie on & pillows, if the sound bath is held in a smaller area then please check on what you need to bring before hand, we will usually let you now via the advert, but definitely

Bring a blanket & a bottle of water, if you have a comfy high backed foldable chair that you wish to bring then please do.  Your comfort is important to get the best out of this therapy.